Tiger Warrior: War of the Fox Demons


This is a really strong and exciting sequel to the excellent Tiger Warrior: Attack of the Dragon King.

Still practising hard to learn the skills he has been given by his grandfather, Alex is coming to terms with these amazing powers.  He is able to transform into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.  The healing powers of the Dog; the strength of the Ox; the power of flight derived from the Dragon.  However, with these powers comes a heavy responsibility.  He has to protect the Jade Kingdom from the fearsome Dragon King and his followers.  One of these is Yinmei, who controls an army of fox demons.  The foxes have seized control of the summer palace and the Emperor needs Jack’s help.

But he is one young boy, pitched against the might of the fox army and Yinmei’s own magical powers.  Can Jack and his Zodiac friends save the world once more?

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Tiger Warrior: War of the Fox Demons

M. Chan


Tiger Warrior: War of the Fox Demons continues the excellent new series by Maisie Chan.  Jack has the heart of a tiger, the strength of a dragon, and the body of a … schoolboy? This thrilling sequel to Tiger Warrior: Attack of the Dragon King continues to fascinate, themed around the magical power of the Chinese Zodiac.
Jack is still coming to terms with the fantastical powers his grandpa has passed on to him.  These powers he derives from a magical twelve-sided jade coin. Using the coin, Jack is able to draw upon the strengths of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac.  Unfortunately, these powers also draw Jack into an ancient battle between good and evil. For he is the new Tiger Warrior, and it’s up to him to save the world!
The Jade Kingdom has been taken over by by Dani, evil fox spirits, controlled by Yinmei.  The Jade Emperor has been drained of his life force and his kingdom is under threat.  Although Jack is getting more proficient in using his magical powers, the fox army is huge.  He draws strength from the support of Princess Li and his faithful zodiac companions, but can he use them to defeat a whole fox army and the fearsome Yinmei?
M Chan’s web site has loads of writing tips, while at the end of the book there are puzzles and a guide to the Chinese Zodiac.  Readers can work out under which sign they have been born!


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