Tilly Plants a Tree


Will Tilly’s seed grow into a mighty oak like Grandma’s? Tilly learns that she has an acorn. She must test to see if it floats or sinks in a glass or water. When it sinks, it seems that it’s ready to pot. However, it’s going to take two years of patient care to nurture a seedling and then a small tree. Thereafter, how long until it might become anything like Grandma’s tree?

Alongside step-by-step instructions, we’ve flaps and pop-ups. What’s more, we’ve a really endearing story from William Petty presented so appealingly by Axel Scheffler. We love the relationship between Tilly and her grandma. What’s more, we appreciate the idea of the passage of time, and then the prospect of what might be nurtured through Tilly’s efforts!

Bookwagon loves and recommends Tilly Plants a Seed, for reading together, using as an inspiration, knowing well and gifting.

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Tilly Plants a Tree

William Petty and Axel Schefller

(Nosy Crow)

Tilly’s Grandma is ‘the right Grandma‘ to show her how to grow an oak. It’s autumn, so just the right time to gather the seeds, acorns, that promise to become tall oaks. Didn’t this happen for Grandma? It seems that Tilly’s starting by placing her acorn into water. ‘A healthy acorn will sink’. Thereafter, Tilly’s Grandma pots up the healthy acorn and explains that Tilly’s going to need patience. After all, it will take about two years for the seed to grow!
Tilly Plants a Tree is a beautiful descriptive, activity based picture book from William Petty and Axel Scheffler. What’s more, it draws upon growing knowledge and understanding of how things grow. Just think of We Found a Seed or A Seed Grows. Then again, this title includes two characters to whom we attach quickly. It seems we feel Tilly’s excitement. What’s more we watch, step-by-step, as she cares for her acorn. Will it grow? Then again, what are the next stages? Might Tilly’s acorn grow as mightily as Grandma’s oak?
Bookwagon loves and recommends Tilly Plants a Tree. Alongside the story, told so clearly by William Petty, we’ve bright, encouraging illustrations and flaps and pop-ups too! Then again, we’ve bullet point gardening tips at the book’s conclusion.


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