Tilly’s Promise


‘Tilly’s Promise’ is the one she makes her sweetheart Harry. He’s bound to France to fight on the battlefields. They think war will be over by Christmas and look forward to making plans for their future.

Yet, war continues. Tilly enrols as a nurse. Her brother Georgie, physically fit, is called up despite his learning difficulties. ‘Tilly’s Promise‘ is one Harry makes her, that he will watch over vulnerable Georgie, heading to his unit.

Are Tilly and Harry able to fulfil their promises to each other? This is war, and nothing is fixed. As the days and months of battle, hardship, death and uncertainty endure, what will become of ‘Tilly’s Promise’?

This is a wise, thoughtful, gentle, yet powerful novel, that beautifully recreates a different era and feelings of uncertainty and hope. ‘Tilly’s Promise’ is a dyslexia friendly title.


Tilly’s Promise

Linda Newbery

(Barrington Stoke)

‘Tilly’s Promise‘ is the one she makes to her sweetheart Harry, to wait for him until war is over. ‘Tilly’s Promise‘ is the one that Harry makes to Tilly to watch over her brother Georgie. Georgie has learning difficulties and is vulnerable. His body is strong, so he’s been passed fit for battle. Will he manage? Will Harry and Tilly fulfil their promises?

A dyslexia friendly title, suitable for older readers


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