Time Travellers: Adventure Calling


Suhana works hard to contain herself before her Headteacher. It’s evident that he dislikes her. Therefore, his dismay when she’s one of the winners of the local MP’s Christmas card competition is difficult for him to hide, including during the prize- a day at the House of Parliament.

Suhana joins the other winners, friends Mia and Ayaan, to learn about the history of this place. However their arrival coincides with a Fridays for Future protest. Thereafter, they learn about the history of the suffragettes. Could it be this that inspires an alarm on Suhana’s phone to activate? That propels the three from Golden Heights Academy to 1911, a time of preparation for George V’s coronation, coinciding with a march for suffrage?

Suhana’s surprised to discover others who look like her, of Indian ancestry. Then again, she’s astounded to learn about suffragists like Lolita Roy and Princess Sophia Duleep Singh! However Reena Rao of Rajasthan is the real surprise. Can she offer Suhana a ‘forever’ place, somewhere of comfort, of home? Or might Suhana be destined for other adventures once she and Mia and Ayaan work their way back to 2024?

Bookwagon was engrossed by Time Travellers: Adventure Calling and suggests that all adventure loving, history buffs will be do. What’s more, it opens an exciting new series. We recommend this title highly!

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Time Travellers: Adventure Calling

Sufiya Ahmed, with illustrations by Alessia Trunfio

(Little Tiger Press)

Mr Hayes is dubious about Suhana’s success in the Christmas card competition. His dislike of her contrasts with his approval of Ayaan and Mia, the other winners from Golden Heights Academy. However, the three have been awarded exciting opportunity to tour the Houses of Parliament, alongside their noisy Headteacher.
Thereafter, during the visit, something peculiar happens when Sufiya’s phone transports her and her new friends to 1911. They seem to arrive ahead of the coronation of George V. In fact, the three have coincided with a time of protest, as suffragettes like Emily Davison. protest for voting rights for women.Then again, Sufiya is surprised to find protestors with brown skin, Indian like her, amongst the crowd, including Lolita Roy. What is this history into which they’ve fallen? What’s more, could it be that this time is more welcoming to her than 2024? Furthermore, could it be true that amongst the suffragists is Queen Victoria’s goddaughter,  Princess Sophia Duleep Singh? Finally, how might the three new friends find a safe way to avoid police detection and return to 2024 before their deadline?
Sufiya Ahmed offers such an engrossing and well researched title in Time Travellers: Adventure Calling. What’s more, it opens a new series. We look forward to heading off on further adventures with Suhana, Mia and Ayaan, learning alongside them, and seeing their friendship deepen. Bookwagon recommends Time Travellers: Adventure Calling. 


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