Time Travelling with a Hamster


How can an old iron bath tub, an original Apple Mac computer, Blue Tack and a letter, enable birthday boy Al Chaudhury travel back in time to save his father from his death? The problem, let alone the route and solutions are mind-bending and wonderful!

We recommend this compelling, original and endearing story, with delight and the knowledge that any reader who takes up ‘Time Travelling with a Hamster‘ will be enthralled!

Time Travelling with a Hamster‘ is a  confident  children’s book that dares to be different through breaking out  of the ordinary in its setting, while building a considered main character whose plight we really care about,. The story abounds with clever plot twists and turns that are bold and rewarding. At every step, despite the scent of fantasy, Al and his problems are gritted in reality, by the here and now.

Time Travelling with a Hamster‘ will hook any reader from its first page. This book has the hallmark of a classic.


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Time Travelling with a Hamster

Ross Welford

(Harper Collins)

Time Travelling with a Hamster‘ is a totally absorbing story from a master storyteller. Will Al discover and recover his father? Time, space and adults conspire to create obstacles, here and now!   Bookwagon loves this title and recommends it to all readers, aged from 9 or 10, and many more.

Awesome Book Award winner


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