Time Travelling with a Tortoise


What could convince Al Chaudhury to time travel? Hasn’t he followed his father’s instructions to recover him so that everything is as it should be? Except it’s not really. Somehow Dad the computer/ science nerd is a hamster specialist, while Al’s desperately scrabbling to make up for lost time at school.

Could it be a cat? A cat that gets in the way of Grandpa Byron’s tuk tuk and causes a most dreadful injury? Except this time it seems that Al has two passengers, neither of whom he wanted along for the ride, and both of whom are rather incidental. It means that when they go Time Travelling with a Tortoise, they arrive in a fearsome past beyond any human experience. How can they get out of this one? Then again, how can Al recover time to be where he needs to be? Who will he meet along the way? Maybe other selves? Other Grandpas? Even other Dads? Other cousin Sams?

Bookwagon loves and recommends Time Travelling with a Tortoise. This title picks up from Time Travelling with a Hamster. It’s ideal for engaged, curious, open minded and enquiring middle grade readers especially.

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Time Travelling with a Tortoise

Ross Welford


What if Time Travelling with a Hamster did not result in the answer to everything you hoped for? What if it returned a Dad Pye whose hamsters are his major focus, his job? Then again, what if Al’s lost, uncertain as to  what he’s missed during his travels in the metaverse?
It seems there’s more to follow and this time all because of a cat. It’s Al’s fault that Grandpa Byron’s tuktuk upends, leaving him injured. Then again, could a note Grandpa Byron writes lead Al to venture into realms unknown again in pursuit of a reversal to the incident? What if Carly, the once step-sister, and then nemesis/ friend, Paulie are aboard, alongside trusty rodent sidekick Alan Shearer? However, what if this journey takes the trio back millions of years? Is it possible that they might all return? Yet, to what?
Ross Welford is a pastmaster at creating possibilities, of leading us into histories and wonder such as scientists and anthropologists research, recover and suggest. However at the heart of his writing are characters who we trust and care about. Therefore, can Al Chaudhury recover everything as it should be? Then again, what is the right realm, or even the right Al? Bookwagon loves and recommends Time Travelling with a Tortoise, a superb middle grade novel- especially to enquiring, engaged readers.


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