Tin’ follows the story of Christopher, who works for an eccentric engineer. Absalom’s life is devoted  to a group of ‘mechanical’ boys and girls, several of whom are loyal and close friends.  Christopher is involved in a devastating accident, where a secret is revealed that changes his life forever.  There is further upheaval when he is abducted by goons from the mysterious Agency. As his friends struggle to save his life, Christopher’s past is revealed.

Tin‘ is an incident-packed thrill ride full of fascinating action and characters. Yet, it is a thoughtful story, about the nature of friendship and the responsibilities of scientific advancement.


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Padraig Kenny

(Chicken House)

A secret revealed following a devastating accident, turns Christopher’s world upside-down.  ‘Tin‘ is a remarkable adventure, as Christopher discovers who he really is, what it means to be human, while his loyal mechanical friends discover their origins too.
Bookwagon loves this pacy, rich, poignant adventure story.


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