Tiny and Teeny


Chris Judge’s, ‘The Lonely Beast’ is a popular classroom picture book, quite different from many other books in plot and characterisation. I was delighted to discover ‘Tiny and Teeny‘, his latest title. This sort of book captivates very young children. There’s something about a miniature scale world that is so appealing; just think of very small toy characters so popular with children over the years.

‘Deep down in the blades of grass’ live ‘Tiny and Teeny‘. This is a fascinating landscape, where a township has been developed within familiar shapes. Tiny is a popular and helpful character in Glengadget. How could you describe Tiny and Teeny’s home? It’s just right for them! However, when disaster strikes, the pair are left homeless. How might they ever find a home that fits them so perfectly?

Chris Judge’s descriptive language draws the reader into the setting beautifully. I love working through Tiny’s schedule for the week. The intricate pictures are fascinating. There is so much to discover and enjoy within each richly toned page. What a pleasure it is to present ‘Tiny and Teeny‘ to our readers!


Tiny and Teeny

Chris Judge

(Walker Books)

Can you see ‘Tiny and Teeny‘ ‘deep down in between the blades of grass?’ They live in a shiny red apple right on the edge of Glengadget. This is a busy place and Tiny is a busy girl. She helps out across the week, from gardening for Mandy Small on Monday to shopping with Minnie on Thursday!
Such a busy schedule leads to Tiny feeling exhausted. She’s fast asleep and dreaming when a metamorphic disaster strikes! What will Tiny do? Maybe her friends will have a plan?
‘Tiny and Teeny’ is a unique picture book. Its miniature scale, descriptive language and inventive setting will captivate young readers. Bookwagon is proud to present this title to our customers.



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