Tiny Ant


Tiny Ant joins the very LONG queue of animals hoping that Jungle’s Got Talent will discover them. It seems like every animal dreams of superstardom. Might it be Monkey and his juggling or Elephant, or even Lion’s acrobatics? It seems as though every one is taking a turn. While the audience grows bored, the judges seem to become disdainful. Furthermore, what is Tiny Ant able to offer that his animal neighbours might not?

Claire Freedman and Claire Powell have created a beautiful picture book. While the pictures are rich, colour-fuelled, swirling and so expressive, the rhyming text is descriptive and sharp. Bookwagon recommends Tiny Ant highly as a wonderful picture book to read, share and love.


Tiny Ant

Claire Freedman and Claire Powell

(Simon & Schuster)

Can Tiny Ant find his voice? Jungle’s Got Talent is filming and all the animals ‘LONG to be superstars’. Yet, what can Ant do? While we wait to find out, we watch performances from nervous Elephant and an acrobatic Lion. Will Ant be overwhelmed by the skills of his fellow competitors? Thereafter, we see Monkey’s judging and understand why Skunk may not be so popular with the audience! At last its the turn of Ant…
Claire Freedman’s retelling of The Secret Garden is superb. Here, again, she demonstrates her writing skill with a sharp, illustrative and sympathetic rhyming tale. We know Claire Powell’s lush, colour pulsating pictures from Daddy Hairdo and Have You Seen My Giraffe? Together, the pair have created such a warm, empathetic, funny and vibrant picture book. Tiny Ant is a reader’s delight!


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