Tiny Penguins and the New Baby


Hetty and Betty the Toolbox Twins, Paintbrush Pete, little tiny Teeny and Handy Candy are the Tiny Penguins. When Teeny spots Gertie beneath the bed, feeling sad, they elect to take action. Usually the Tiny Penguins are busy with sorting out ‘the squeaks and leaks in every home‘. Yet they recognise that Gertie’s grown-ups are busy, so decide to step up.

Might they teach her their special penguin waddle? Perhaps they could all make cookies or even build houses or sort out the ‘ice cave’?

Jane Porter’s picture books are laden with wonder, joy and possibility. Who hasn’t wondered about ‘tiny penguins’? Thereafter, she creates a family who are known to us, while her penguins are bright, caring and such fun!

Tiny Penguins and the New Baby is a joy of a picture book that begs to be shared, reread and then acted on! (Anyone for a penguin waddle?)

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Tiny Penguins and the New Baby

Jane Porter

(Simon & Schuster)

There seem to be Tiny Penguins and the New Baby in Gertie’s house. Although Gertie feels ‘a bit lonely as her grown-ups are going to be busy for quite a while’, the penguins step in. With a ‘Hello, Gertie’, they break their first rule.
It seems these little miracle workers ‘who sort out the squeaks and the leaks’ fit right in with Gertie. Not only do they teach her their ‘special penguin waddle’ but join in with pictures and cookies. At bath time they make ‘a penguin pyramid’ but could this lead to trouble?
We watch the group abandon their shoe polishing and assess the situation. There is no judgment, for this little group understand that tiny humans need to be fed and looked after all the time after they’re hatched, for it’s the same with penguins!
Jane Porter, winner of the Little Rebels Award for the astounding The Boy Who Loved Everyone, offers a most gentle, magical picture book in Tiny Penguins and the New Baby. Could these little visitors- Hetty and Betty the Toolbox Twins, Paintbrush Pete, little tiny Teeny and Handy Candy- be waiting in the corners of other homes across the country? There is something in the waddle, wonder and possibility that touches the heart and mind. Bookwagon is proud to share and  recommend this warm, encouraging picture book.


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