To Night Owl From Dogfish


Bett opens the email correspondence with Avery. Snooping through her father’s things, she discovers he has a boyfriend. This pair plan a motorbike adventure around China, while their daughters, Bett and Avery, attend summer camp. Bett isn’t happy about it. She is sure Avery will not be, either.

Avery is very unhappy at this news. She’s full of allergies and fears. Only her father understands. Meanwhile, Bett is full of adventure and inspiration. Like her father, she is motivated and full of the potential of the outdoors. What can such different girls do when their fathers fall in love and have plans for a life together, ahead?

Read the correspondence, from the initial feelers, to camp and beyond in ‘To Night Owl from Dogfish‘. This story is inspiring, funny, revelatory and wise.

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To Night Owl from Dogfish

Holly Goldberg Sloan & Meg Wolitzer


To Night Owl from Dogfish– you don’t know me, but I think your Dad likes my Dad. I think they’re planning to put us into summer camp together. They want us to be friends. They’re going to explore China by motorbike. I don’t think I’ll like you very much. Here are some facts about me….

This is how Bett opens her email to Avery whom she’s never met. However, she’s certain that she will be as unhappy about their father’s new relationship as she is. Yet who is Avery? What’s more, how will she react to Bett’s email and then her introduction? Could these girls possibly discover something other than their fathers in common? Then again, how might they get along SHOULD summer camp become a reality.

Holly Goldberg Sloan is adept at getting under the skin of her characters. What’s more we know how they feel and then their fears. It means that as we read the changing narrators’ experiences and perception through To Night Owl From from Dogfish our allegiances change. What’s more, we’re permitted a chink of the reality in the unfolding drama.
This is a drafting, entertaining and empathetic novel such as we’ve experienced in other titles by this author, including Short and Counting by 7s. Bookwagon loves and recommends this book.


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