To the Ice


What will the three friends learn on their adventure? When the ice floe cracks off from the bank, they’re stranded, rushed down river toward an impossible land of memories, polar explorers and isolation. However there’s stark beauty in this landscape, penguins and the chance to learn stillness.

Then again, when they alight upon the abandoned hut, they chance upon others who’ve come before, their stores and then their ways of survival. Will they bear the vast polar spread, the biting cold and then the way they must learn to trust each other?

To the Ice is a wonderful picture storybook from Sweden, translated by Gecko Press’s Julia Marshall. Bookwagon loves its nuances, intuition, inference and the depth of magical storytelling.

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To the Ice

Thomas Tidholm and Anna-Clara Tidholm

Translated by Julia Marshall

(Gecko Press)

Jack and Max and Ida journey to the creek one springtime Saturday. They bound over the ‘thick snow‘ toward an ice floe. However, when there’s a crack it seems that they’re en route To the Ice. 
Thereafter, as if inspired by polar explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Ernest Shackleton it seems the trio are part of a mighty adventure. In fact, they must learn to eke out their few sandwiches and tea, find warmth in each other and thereafter, seek shelter. However, might that come this icy expanse, and thereafter an abandoned hut? Who went before them? Then what must these three adventurers discover about themselves and each other in order to survive this polar isolation? Furthermore, what is the ‘giant penguin‘ that Ida feels she’s seen?
Alongside the adventure, we’ve the links to history, and then the realisation of the seasons. Then again, there’s such a deep philosophical understanding within this story too. It seems that as the children realise there’s a chance to return, they’re weighted with more than longer hair… it’s as though they’ve found some reserves deep within themselves.
Bookwagon considers that readers who love stories of adventure, heroism and/or history, including titles like The Snow Girl will relish the wonder and mystery of To the Ice. 


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