Toad has Talent


‘Toad has Talent’ but doesn’t know it. He watches his friends and neighbours demonstrate their special skills beneath winter’s first full moon on Moonlight Pond. Snake can bend his body into funny shapes. He can curl and whirl, loop and hoop. Toad can’t do anything like that! Toad can’t do anything quite as spectacular as the Acrobatic Mouse Troupe!

Toad hides in a secret, lonely pond corner. He thinks about his long and clumsy arms and legs. Nobody will see him in the shadows, will they? If someone did spot him, surely he’d just excuse himself politely. There wouldn’t need to be a big song and dance for him to extricate himself from a performance. Would there?

‘Toad has Talent’ is a beautiful picture book, with glorious, rhyming, descriptive vocabulary highlighting moonlit, snowlit pictures. The message is encouraging and enveloping, with such humour. I’d love to see an acrobatic mouse troupe, or a daredevil duck family. As for Toad’s talent, well, you won’t believe it! Toad doesn’t!


Toad has Talent

Words and Pictures by Richard Smythe

(Lincoln Children’s Books)

The Moonlight Pond talent contest is held beneath winter’s first full moon. The Acrobatic Mouse Troupe can wiggle and jiggle. Duck and her ducklings hold the crowd in suspense. What can Toad do? He hides. Toad wishes, ‘I could do that.’ Could Toad take part? His friends insist, ‘Toad has Talent’. 



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