Toby and the Pixies: Worst King Ever!


Toby wishes everything would sort itself out and he wasn’t so often on the end of the joke. It seems his cringing embarrassment doesn’t help him at any point, especially when it comes to sports. Sometimes he wish he could make the rules!

However, what if he could? Well, maybe… What if by disposing of a broken garden gnome he accidentally becomes King of the Pixies? It could be wonderful, couldn’t it? Then again, it could be like Toby’s experience, wherein he’s unsure of the rules, more embarrassed than ever, and then beset by pixies interfering at every turn, including at school! What can Toby do? It seems that Mo, the only other person to know the situation, is fascinated, jealous and then really unhelpful!

Bookwagon is delighted to welcome a new graphic novel from James Turner and Andreas Schuster aboard. Toby and the Pixies: Worst King Ever! is cringe-worthy, hugely imaginative, brilliantly shown and great fun!

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Toby and the Pixies: Worst King Ever!

James Turner and Andreas Schuster

(David Fickling Books)

It seems the garden at Toby’s new home is a wilderness, full of rubbish. Although Dad’s more interested in toaster mending, Toby’s set to exploring. However, he doesn’t expect that throwing an abandoned gnome into some long grass might result in the heralding of Toby and the Pixies where he might become the Worst King Ever! What’s more it seems that this role is not one, even Mo, might really want.
First of all, it seems this pixie community has some peculiar rules, from marriage to boundaries. What’s more, in becoming the pixie world’s ruler, there’s a former king’s family set on revenge. Then again, there’s who to tell, for how often can Toby explain himself? Especially if the answer to a myriad of weird experiences is attack by pixie? Although they might think they’re improving Toby’s life, they’re creating utter torment and embarrassment! This is the last thing Toby’s seeking, for his life is one of embarrassment and disaster. Is there anyone who can help him? NOT a pixie!
Bookwagon welcomes another graphic novel from James Turner, acclaimed creator of Star Cat. Like that book, we’re knee deep in mushrooms and mayhem, both horrified by and laughing uproariously at Toby’s predicament. What’s more, it seems that best friend Mo is more of a hindrance than a help, too! Bookwagon suggests that Toby and the Pixies: Worst King Ever! will be enjoyed hugely by its readers!


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