Together We Can


‘Together We Can‘ urges Caryl Hart. Friends are ‘fun to hang out with, at home, school or play/ They’re there when you need them… /They cheer every day’. 

We might be different from our friends, live far away, be close to one or few or many, but friendships are essential. ‘All over the world/ and from since time began…/… we show ever day that…. /’Together We Can’

Caryl Hart’s rhymes always scan perfectly. She does not surrender message to the scheme. Further she collaborates with empathetic, inspiring picture book makers, like Ali Pye of The Adventures of Harry Stevenson on this occasion.

For classrooms, in Headteachers’ offices, and at home, ‘Together We Can‘ is a wise, warm affirmation of friendship, and its importance in everyone’s  lives.


Together We Can

Caryl Hart and Ali Pye


Want to make friends? Here’s sound, rhyming advice from the Queen of Rhyme, Caryl Hart. ‘Some friends can be different and still get along./ There aren’t any rules/ there is no right or wrong.’ 
From sharing snacks, to scratching an itch when you can’t, seeking out somebody lonely to befriend, or inviting a new friend home for tea, Caryl Hart’s guidance is real and considered. Thoughts about friends far away prompted this reader to feel tearful. The words are poignant and elevated by Ali Pye’s positive, ‘can do’ pictures.
Bookwagon adores Caryl Hart’s books from One Shoe Two Shoes to Peter Pan. We are delighted to welcome ‘Together We Can’  aboard. This title is a rich resource for home and school.


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