Together With You


Together, they face the seasons, with the heat of the summer sun offering hose spray, ice lollies and gentle retreats beneath the trees shade. However, in autumn, there are fence posts upon which to cling as the winds howl, and the pair huddle. They might attempt a kite, or more possibly a walk.

During winter, there’s winter cold to watch out upon from the window, where one might choose to drink peppermint tea, while the other enjoys hot chocolate with marshmallows. Both huddle together in the warm of their home. They huddle beneath the big umbrella in the spring as the rains hurtle down at them.

We take a seasonal adventure with the likely grandparent and grandchild, sharing their closeness and discoveries too. Through warm, rain, cold and wind, we see their bond and enjoy their experiences. What’s more Patricia Toht’s faultless rhyming text is nurturing and lyrical, with a brilliant colour rich, empathetic pictures from Jarvis. Together With You is a perfect picture book choice for families to share together, know well and love.

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Together With You

Patricia Toht and Jarvis

(Walker Books)

‘- no matter the weather,/ whatever we do,/ every day’s better…/ Together With You’Patricia Toht and Jarvis lead us through the seasons, as our pair, likely grandparent and grandchild, prepare and adventure. Thereafter, in spring, they gather close, beneath a ‘big brolly wide’ to endure the showers. However, there is hose spray and ice lollies to enjoy in summer.
During autumn, while one zips up their ‘fleece to the tip of my chin‘ the other pulls ‘on a jumper instead‘. It seems they’ll attempt some kite flying ahead of charging ‘down the street hand in hand‘ through the howling winds.
It’s peppermint tea or hot chocolate and marshmallows during winter ahead of staying close, in pyjamas. It seems the pair reflect upon their year of discovery as they watch through the chilly window.
Altogether, rather we feel the closeness and the discoveries, across a year. Then again, with expert rhyme from this writer, and then the rich glorious colourful panoramic pictures of Jarvis, we feel sated with company and delight. It seems, as with Pick a Pumpkin and Pick a Pine Tree,these two picture book makers are at the top of their game. We treasure their works. Bookwagon loves and recommendsTogether With You.


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