Tomorrow Most Likely


Tomorrow Most Likely there will be food that will be most likely brown. Yet there will be a door to a world of sound and people and colours. There may be ‘a song through the half-open window of a slow-moving car.’  The world is huge and possible. There are hopes, colours, curiosities and discoveries.

We track the journey through the door and into the streets, watch the people, hear the song, see the ‘plane flying high and white and fast and far.’ All of this is possible. You’ll find the lonely bug and make discoveries of things known and unknown, ‘strange‘ or ‘odd’. There’s a world of never endings, from riding ‘a whale’ to eating ‘a cloud’. Let’s step outside and discover. The day holds ‘mountains of time and oceans of faces, canyons of colour and skies full of places.’ There is so much about to be positive. Yet, as acclaimed writer and picture book maker Dave Eggers and Lane Smith remind us, the most important thing to be positive about, is ourselves.

Tomorrow Most Likely is an outstanding picture book that Bookwagon recommends for home and school. We suggest this text should be read, shared and known, so that it becomes a mantra for life, especially in difficult times. We feel all the better for knowing, reading and sharing this stunning picture book.

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Tomorrow Most Likely

words by Dave Eggers pictures by Lane Smith

(Chronicle)– hardback

Tomorrow Most Likelythere will be a sky. And chances are it will be blue’. Chances are there’ll be squirrels, maybe ‘one called Stu’. Thereafter, it’s likely that ‘there will be a meal. And chances are that it will be brown.’ Yet ‘there will be a door that leads to the world.’ What is in that world? This is the place ‘where people are found‘ so there might be sounds and movement and ‘a plane flying high and white and fast and far.’
The possibilities beyond today are never ending. Therefore, we join the character in the hat looking skyward, seeking opportunity, smelling ‘the good smell’, determining that tomorrow will be great, colourful, rich and possible.
Dave Eggers’ tongue- in-cheek, near rhyming text is curious, wonderful and inviting. Thereafter, the rich, collaged pictures of Lane Smith take this glorious picture book into somewhere precious. We are aware of the empathy he accords his subject matter as in award winning works like Grandpa Green or There is Tribe of Kids.
Bookwagon urges families and schools to read and share Tomorrow Most Likely. What an outstanding, enveloping and encouraging book.


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