Too Many Tickles!


When the children awaken, Mum’s waiting with ‘swirly-whirly- round-the-tummy-button-tickles‘. However, running downstairs after getting dressed, it seems, Dad’s been waiting! He has ‘big-hands-under-the arms- side-grabbers’ ready. There are Too Many Tickles! in his house.

What’s more, in the kitchen, Gran’s ready with her ‘easy-teasy- slightly- squeezy- behind- the- kneesy tickles!’ Is there anywhere the children might be safe? What about outside? Or could the craftiest tickler be lying in wait?

Alongside Penny Dann’s refreshing, intimate and loving illustrations, we’ve Thomas Taylor’s rhyming, warm, joyful words. Altogether, they make Too Many Tickles! a perfect choice for bedtime reading, reciting, laughing over and maybe… acting upon? Bookwagon loves this picture book.

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Too Many Tickles!

Thomas Taylor and Penny Dann

(Pan Macmillan)

What are the children to do? It seems there are Too Many Tickles in their house. First of all, there’s Mum awakening them with a ‘swirly-whirly- round- the tummy- button’ tickle! Therefore, the pair ‘giggle and wriggle‘ after getting dressed to go downstairs to… Dad’s ‘big-hands under the-arms side grabbers‘! It seems the best thing to do here is to ‘dodge and dash‘ to the kitchen!
However, it might be that Gran has ‘easy- teasy, slightly- squeezy- behind- the kneesy’ plans! Oh oh! What’s more, worse is ahead for Grandad is awaiting. ‘Look out!‘ It seems there are fingers just waiting to tickle from every angle! Then again, might this pair have an arsenal all of their own? Should Grandad, Gran, Mum and Dad beware?
Thomas Taylor has created such an intimate, laugh-out-loud, warm text of family life. We applaud his dexterity, from the original artwork in Harry Potter, to the acclaimed Eerie- On-Sea series, commencing with Malamander. Then again, he’s joined by Penny Dawn, revered illustrator who has created really beautiful, tender pictures here.
Bookwagon loves this happy hearted picture book that demands to be read, laughed over and acted upon! We recommend Too Many Tickles highly for bedtime reading, quoting, knowing and loving.


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