Too Small Tola Makes It Count


Tola’s reunited with her family, Grandmummy and big sister Moji and big brother, Dapo, in their run-down flat in the ‘megacity of Lagos’. It seems the Covid pandemic is over and she might return to school and the comfort of Grandmummy’s care.

However, Tola’s school friends do not believe that Tola worked for the rich and famous Diamond family during the pandemic. They call her ‘liar’ and cut all ties with her. She’s lonely and sad, and feels that she cannot tell anyone. However, Mrs Shaky-Shaky, suffering her own sadness, draws Tola’s story from her. it seems that Mrs Shaky-Shaky has great faith in Tola. She says that she will find a solution. After all, doesn’t Tola always find a solution?

Thereafter, she finds a way to make a difficult beach outing with Grandmummy into something special, even though it’s rigorous and disappointing. Might there be jewels to be found on the shore amongst the rubbish, and then in the cool water, too?

Further, what about Mrs Shaky-Shaky, whose shaking legs have confined her to her upstairs flat? Tola thinks about it. She loves the definition of mathematics and is certain that she can ‘make it count’.

Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome Too Small Tola Makes It Count aboard. Although this is a fourth instalment, each wonderful book is a very satisfying experience alone. This is assured and wonderful storytelling!

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Too Small Tola Makes It Count

Atinuke, illustrated by Onyinye Iwu

(Walker Books)

Tola’s returned to Grandmummy’s care, with her big sister Moji and big brother Dapo to the ‘run-down block of flats in the mega city of Lagos‘. Once more, Moji’s studying hard, while Grandmummy’s concerned about the boys with whom Dapo hangs around. Then again, Tola’s full of worries. It seems that ever since she Got Tough and left home to work for the Diamonds, life’s been out of kilter.
For example, her school friends do not believe that she worked for the very rich family. In fact, they’ve cast her out and call her a liar. Then again, Tola’s worried about Mrs Shaky-Shaky. It seems her shaky legs won’t work any more and she’s confined to her small room at the top of the apartment block. Mrs Shaky-Shaky, however, has great faith that Tola’s capable of a solution. What’s more, she will always find a sunny way out, even if it’s a beach trip, that’s nothing like the sort of outing that we might experience!
Once more, Atinuke invites us to meet up with our Too Small heroine. We know that although Tola might be little, she is powerful. In fact, rather like her Grandmummy, Tola’s capable of making every day counting. We love this series and recommend it highly. Although this is the fourth in the series, it does not matter, for they each work perfectly alone. Bookwagon loves and recommends Too Small Tola Makes It Count.


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