Tooth Fairy in Training


It’s time for Tate to travel out with May as she’s a Tooth Fairy in Training. From a baby hippo to an infant crocodile, the pair soar, remembering that their work is all down to lifting the pillow, removing the tooth and replacing it with a coin.

They journey beneath the currents with a warning to ‘Mind the undertow!‘ through ‘squid, shark, narwhal, conger eel.’  Then it’s onto fluffy seals and anaconda! When it seems they’ve almost ‘crossed the entire planet’, the pair head to an ordinary street with a sleeping child. Surely, at this point, the sisters are onto the home strait, for what might go wrong?

Briony May Smith’s pictures are absolutely charming, inviting, colour rich and detailed. They add wonder to the possibilities of this beautiful tooth fairy tale, imagined by Michelle Robinson in rhyming text. Bookwagon delights in Tooth Fairy in Training and suggests that your picture book readers will, also.

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Tooth Fairy in Training

Michelle Robinson and Briony May Smith

(Walker Books)

You must go gently when you’re a Tooth Fairy in Training! It’s time for Tate to learn from May. She advises that it’s all down to ‘Lift the pillows, look beneath… leave the coins… and take the teeth.’ What can go wrong?
Thereafter, we journey with the sisters as they work through their schedules. First it’s to a lake with a baby hippo, for ‘not every child’s a human, is it?‘ Then, it’s past the kangaroos to a crocodile, where Tate must ‘dodge and duck the mother’s tail’.
It seems like Tate and May have a world of discoveries ahead of them through a sleeping night. Yet, what happens when they reach a human child, Melissa?
Tooth Fairy in Training is such a charming picture book with sweeping, colour rich, immersive pictures and a delightful rhyming text. We love this subject, as shared with The Underhills A Tooth Fairy Story. This interpretation is gentle, warming and certain to delight readers!


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