Top Marks For Murder


Top Marks for Murder‘ is the eighth novel in Robin Stevens’ hugely entertaining and successful Murder Most Unladylike series.  Daisy and Hazel return to Deepdean School after the school holidays.  While they are looking forward to seeing their fellow detective society friends again, they are not expecting another crime to solve!

When Beanie, one of the society members, swears she has seen a man strangling a woman in the woods, the society moves into action.  Furthermore, during the school anniversary celebrations, a murder is committed in plain sight. Whodunnit?  As the suspects pile up, Hazel, Daisy and friends sift through the clues to discover the truth.  Can they identify the killer and thereby save the school as well?

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Top Marks for Murder

Robin Stevens


Daisy and Hazel return to Deepdean School after a long break.  Preparations begin for the school’s anniversary celebrations and the girls are excited to be involved.  Not all is well however at the school. Daisy is dismayed that a new girl, Amina, has usurped her as the most fascinating girl at school.  Then one of the girls witnesses a shocking incident in the nearby woods; surely a crime that is linked in some way to the anniversary? As parents arrive for the celebrations, old grudges and rivalries surface and before long, there is another victim.  Deepdean’s future is at stake unless the girls can solve the case? Welcome to ‘Top Marks for Murder’.


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