Toxic is about a remarkable, and dangerous, secret hidden in the Amazon rainforest.  The secret has got out however and lots of people are seeking to take advantage, not least a billionaire who is prepared to purchase thousands of hectares of rainforest in order to secure and exploit it.  The secret lies in the amazing powers of a tiny frog, previously unknown to science.

It falls to Jessica, newly arrived with her scientist parents into the Amazon, to protect the secret and thwart the billionaire and her allies.  Alongside her friends and even her enemies, she fights to save the secret.

This is a thrilling and intelligent story, highly contemporary in its approach.  Mitch Johnson is a master story-teller and his eye for a great story is undiminished.

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Mitch Johnson


Jessica’s parents are herpetologists, now working in the Amazon rain forest.  Jessica has joined them in their rudimentary research base and she is not anticipating having a good time.  It seems matters are about to change however and everything is becoming Toxic.  A multi-billionaire has designs on the rainforest and knows the secret of one of the rare jewels of the environment.  She is not the only one.  Jessica has found the manuscript of a very rare book that reveals the secret as well.  A previously undiscovered frog is able to secrete a toxin that has enables the power of eternal youth.
Jessica joins friends Renata and Briony, both also inextricably linked with the small community that is threatened, in trying to save the frog.  However, the resources available to the billionaire are myriad – she will stop at nothing to secure the frog and its seemingly amazing powers.  Furthermore, Rich Roland, a shadowy adventurer is also determined to acquire the frog.
The stakes continue to rise and the exciting adventure escalates to a thrilling climax. Moreover, Mitch Johnson’s story is compulsive reading and adds to his excellent portfolio of novels for middle grade readers.  They are always intelligent, action-packed and topical.  Bookwagon is pleased to stock his other novels, including Kick and Pop!


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