‘Treason‘ is the charge applied to anyone who denies King Henry is not Head of the Catholic Church. It comes with a punishment of death.

William Montague will stop at nothing to rescue his father when he is charged with ‘treason’. He risks his own life. As court favourite, page to King Henry’s heir, Prince Edward, William has a price on his head. There are many who would welcome William’s downfall.

Can William survive the rough streets of Tudor London? How can he make it to Lord de Crecy in Greenwich to clear his father’s name? What will happen if this action is not enough? Will’s father has told him to ‘trust nobody’? Does this include Nick Drew, surviving on charity, and pennies paid for collecting firewood?

‘Treason‘ pulls no punches. You can smell the fetid air, and feel the fear of King Henry’s step and gaze.  I have not read a children’s Tudor novel, previously, that focuses on this snapshot of Henry VIII’s reign. Henry is injured, angry and impulsive. He awaits the arrival of Anne of Cleves. Will this settle his mood? What of his subjects? His church? What of William Montague?


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Berlie Doherty

(Andersen Press)

William Montague cannot believe it when King Henry choose him as page to his infant heir and Prince, Edward. Yet the role is dangerous. The King is unpredictable, and there are many vying to supplant William as the King’s favourite. William has a secret… one for which he is willing to fight, and save his father.
Berlie Doherty writes boldly and truthfully. ‘Treason‘ is a stirring, absorbing title.


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