Thankfully, a friend looking at this title with me recently, agreed when I suggested I found it a little threatening – but in a good way.

Our titular hero, Triangle, decides to trick Square. His journey, across a suggested desert of triangles and ‘shapes that weren’t triangles any more’ but ‘shapes with no names’ to the ‘place where there were squares’ is bleak and overwhelming. It is rather like fish’s trek through the underwater unknown of Klassen’s award-winning ‘Hat’ trilogy. The relationship between the two shapes is really imaginative – shapes that prank each other? We are left uncertain as to whether the outcome is intended or not. What happens next? Are other shapes involved?

I love the complete originality of ‘Triangle‘. At every point, Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen stretch the reader’s boundaries of contemplation. We are truly fortunate to have such ambitious picture book makers creating such challenging books for readers of all ages. The rich storytelling continues in the disconcerting conclusion to the trilogy with Circle.

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Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen


‘One day ‘Triangle‘ walked out of his door and away from his house. He was going to play a sneaky trick on Square… Does he manage? Is he discovered? How will Triangle manage in a square shaped setting? Might there be a Circle in the equation too? ‘Triangle‘ is the curious introduction to a mesmerising series! Read on with the wonderful Square and Circle!


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