Tropical Terry


Terry loves games like ‘Hide-a-Fish‘ and  ‘Dodge-a- Dolphin‘. He’s quick and can blend into his surroundings. Although he has Cilla and Steve to play with, he’s keen to attract the attention of his dazzling cohabitants in Coral Reef City. However, they think Terry is ‘Dull Terry’.

When Terry reinvents himself as ‘Tropical Terry‘ he is granted the approval he craves, he shuns his friends and behaves differently. However, it’s less satisfying for him, he misses the games, and being so dazzling comes with its own set of problems…

Tropical Terry‘ has no huge ‘message’ but is a friendly, approachable and positive book- rather like Terry, Cilla and Steve! Jarvis’s gorgeous colours and over layered shapes are rich and suggestive. ‘Tropical Terry‘ is a lovely book that is sure to appeal as a bedtime read.


Tropical Terry


(Walker Books)

Terry lives in Coral Reef city, home to the most dazzling sea creatures. Terry is not dazzling but shunned by his sea mates-‘Dull Terry‘. Terry takes matters into his own fins, to become ‘Tropical Terry‘. Is belonging with them, really worth it? Wouldn’t it be more fun to play ‘Dodge-a-Dolphin‘?


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