Trouble in New York


Jamie Creeden is desperate to win Young Reporter of the Year. Despite indifferent spelling, he has an ear for news. His daily paper run offers him opportunities to catch up with the day’s events, all the ‘Trouble in New York‘. Jamie scours the Morning Yorker for tips and updates.

When he’s offered a day at the paper, through an incidental meeting with its owner, he can hardly believe his luck. The Morning Yorker is busy with at least two major stories, one involving a disappeared actress, the other an arsonist. Intercepting a message for one of the reporters leads Jamie on a curious quest with a threatening henchman. What is going on? More interesting characters arrive, including Eve and Rose, each with her own experience of ‘Trouble in New York‘. Can the three friends crack the mysteries and win Jamie his news scoop?

We are so happy to welcome another title by Sylvia Bishop of The Secret of the Night Train. Like that, and her other titles, ‘Trouble in New York’ is pacy, resilient and upbeat. We love Jamie’s independence and courage, and the way he learns to appreciate the skills of his new friends. This is a really satisfying book!

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Trouble in New York

Sylvia Bishop


Jamie Creeden lives and breathes news. He’s up at the crack of dawn to collect the Morning Yorker from Lou Moon. If there’s time, he’ll take a pretzel and catch up on all the stories. He watches Cindy Bell on Goodnight, New York with Pepe. The news she exposes is never anything on that included in Harry Hooper’s Morning Yorker. Jamie hopes that a major news scoop might win him Young Reporter of the Year. He has a tip from Pepe.
An extra paper shift one morning takes him on a different route where he meets his newspaper mogul hero who offers him the opportunity of a lifetime- a visit to the Morning Yorker office! What will Jamie discover? There may be a ‘friend’ with a different perspective on the news game. Could there be information about two of the biggest stories revealed by the Morning Yorker? There’s a disappeared actress and an arsonist! Maybe there’s another youngster who can shed light on these stories.
Welcome Sylvia Bishop’s latest title! We love The Secret of the Night Train and The Bookshop Girl. Like these, ‘Trouble in New York’, is action-packed, curious and laden with clues! What is going on with the ever-burning flame symbol of the paper? Why does Cindy Bell no longer have the city news’ scoop? Prepare to learn the latest!


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