Twelve Minutes to Midnight


At twelve minutes to midnight, every night, the patients of Bedlam awake screaming. What is the meaning of the strange messages they write over the walls and on scraps of paper?

Penelope Tredwell, thirteen-year-old owner of The Penny Dreadful magazine, is always seeking mysteries to fill the pages of her magazine. But this isn’t any ordinary story, and as Penny digs further alongside sidekick Alfie and ham actor Montgomery Flinch, further horrors and mysteries arise.  Penny comes to believe the patients are somehow predicting the future….and the futurelooks deadly…


Twelve Minutes to Midnight

Christopher Edge

(Nosy Crow)

Why are the patients of Bedlam hospital waking at twelve minutes to midnight every night?  They speak of terrifying visions and scrawl messages on the walls and in notebooks.  What is the meaning of these strange messages?
Penelope Tredwell has recently been bequeathed a struggling magazine, which she now edits.  She is always on the lookout for mysteries to fill the pages of the magazine, so she and her sidekick Alfie set out to investigate. As she follows the clues, further mysteries and spooky happenings arise.  It seems as if the patients are somehow predicting the future, but how? The future looks bleak. Can Penny solve the mystery and prevent a catastrophe?
This exciting, thrilling novel is the first of a trilogy set in Edwardian London and are highly recommended.  Christopher would of course go on to great success with novels such as The Jamie Drake Equation and The Longest Night of Charlie Noon


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