Ma has not been the same since Pa disappeared. Clem Hussable says that Pa started the fire that burned down Turrety Knocks’ home, killing his wife and daughter. Twister knows this isn’t true. Yet, Clem is fixed upon destroying Twister, her truth and all she loves.

A letter handed to Twister suggests she seeks out May May who lives in the woods. Who is White Eye about whom May May warns Twister? Should she take the necklace that May May says will lead her to discover Pa? How much danger is Twister prepared to face? Bears? Wolves? Fire? Death?

‘Twister’ is an other-worldly fantasy, adventure story. We engage with our heroine, feeling her grief, determination, and pulsating life and purpose. ‘Twister’ is an exceptional book, recommended for confident, capable readers who seek books that fascinate and expand their possibilities, rather like Ma’s strawberry jam, or magical air bubbles.

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Juliette Forrest, with illustrations by Alexis Snell


On the night ‘Twister‘ is born a storm rages.Storms rage as she determines to learn what has happened to Pa. How will Twister provoke her mother from her grief at Pa’s disappearance? Could a letter suggesting mysterious May May holds the key help ‘Twister’? Who is White Eye? Why is he dangerous to ‘Twister’?  Why is Clem Hussable so set upon destroying ‘Twister’? What a complex, fantastic story ideal for curious, wonder-prone readers!


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