Two for Me, One for You


On her way home, Bear found three mushrooms‘…. Mushrooms for tea! What could be nicer? Especially when Weasel goes to the trouble of wiping them, searing, seasoning- ‘with plenty of salt and pepper‘- and ‘simmering with a little parsley.

What happens when Bear determines it should be ‘Two for Me, One for You‘ when she dishes up? She explains her decision as being fair because she’s bigger and needs to eat a lot. However, Weasel counteracts that as he’s small he needs the third  mushroom- he has to grow!

Is it finders’ keepers, or cook’s rules? Who wins? What happens when a third, silent diner enters the setting? Someone who is quick to take advantage of Bear and Weasel’s dispute?

Bookwagon loves the work of Jörg Mühle. His text is witty and descriptive. We are engrossed in the dilemma. However, realising the glorious woodside setting and the background movement is like a joke upon the lead characters! What a delicious picture book!


Two for Me, One for You

Jörg Mühle

(Gecko Press)

Two for Me, One for You is fair, according to Bear. She’s big so she needs ‘to eat a lot’. Furthermore, she picked the three mushrooms. Meanwhile, Weasel has wiped, seared, seasoned and simmered them ‘with a little parsley‘. Therefore, what about Weasel? He considers it’s not fair. After all, he has room ‘to grow’. Three mushrooms? What’s the answer? One for me, two for you?  The friends cannot decide. Could there be an interloper to help adjudicate? They are so concerned in their debate they do not notice the foxy interloper who’s waiting to take advantage of their dilemma.
There are few books about food that make you hungry- maybe Great Bunny Bakes or Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street? However, as our lips smack at the thought of seasoned, woodland mushrooms, Bear and Weasel are more concerned about the battle. Could they take their eye off the ball (or the mushroom pan)? Could there be another way of resolving this woodland wrestle?
Jörg Mühle creates bright, inviting pictures with such witty, expressive characters.  His language is crisp, descriptive and rich. There is such humour in is titles, including works such as Kind and Bathtime for Little Rabbit. Two for Me, One for You is a reader’s delight! Lick your lips! Enjoy!


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