Two- Headed Chicken


While one half of Two-Headed Chicken turns on ‘the Astrocap ™️ [by] reversing the flow of electrons through hyperspace’, the other wipes ‘the poop off city hall’. However both sides have an enormous problem that sees them leaping through universes, while pursued by Kernel Antlers, a ‘giant green moose’.

It seems Kernel Antlers pops up at every call. At point point he’s a persistent cloud of comets, another an enormous gulping mouth, then reinvented as Scrooge in ‘ye olde London’. Other creatures join the story, from a duck-owl to a moustachioed fish. However, it’s the moose with the fried chicken recipe who proves almost as tiresome as the threat of the longest knock-knock joke in the world.

Alongside bold, kooky graphics, Tom Angleberger offers outlandish quizzes, drawing tips and then a wild and crazy story in Two- Headed Chicken. 

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Two- Headed Chicken

Tom Angleberger

(Walker Books)

What is a Two-Headed Chicken to do when it’s being pursued ‘by a giant green moose‘? There’s always the Astro Cap™️, designed by the seriously intelligent chick half. After all, it allows the chicken’s escape into other universes. However, it takes ‘forty-two seconds to charge up’. Then again,  there are diversions. For example, imagine landing in a universe where poultry drives. However, what if it appears that angry giant green moose might drive?
Thereafter, what if there are evolutions of giant green moose intent on special fried fowl on their dinner menu? They might resort to subterfuge such as a legal suit, or even making magic wishes. They may even become furious comet clouds. Then again, they might become so angry that they overwhelm Tom Angleberger‘s page and threaten to consume the surfboard where the chook last appeared.
However, the diversions might include recipes and drawing opportunities, quizzes and then the ‘longest knock-knock joke in the world’. Bookwagon is confused, intrigued and completely engrossed by this graphic novel, rather in the style of Ben Clanton’s popular series, including Narwhal Unicorn of the Sea!. The graphics are bold and accessible, the story line wild and hilarious. Bookwagon welcomes Two-Headed Chicken aboard.


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