Two Sides


Lula and Lenka have been best friends since they were babies. They know and love each other, despite their differences. Lenka is careful, orderly and quiet. Lula is disorderly, late and forgetful. When her forgetfulness causes Lenka distress, it threatens the ‘Two Sides‘ into a friendship meltdown.

Their disagreement hurts. Can they recover? Find other friends? Make peace? It seems a tall order. Can two very different people, ‘Two Sides’, be best friends, REALLY?

‘Two Sides‘ is a wise, empathetic, thoughtful book. The girls are depicted truthfully. We feel a sympathy for each and urge their reconciliation. The story’s presentation, with its tonal contrasts and decorative drawing, extends appeal and meaning. ‘Two Sides’ is recommended as a likely favourite for newer chapter book readers.


Two Sides

Polly Ho-Yen & Binny Talib

(Stripes)- hardback

Lula and Lenka have been best friends forever. They are quite different but respect each other’s ‘Two Sides’. One is quiet and tidy. The other is boisterous, late and forgetful. What happens when her forgetfulness triggers an outburst from which it is difficult to recover? Can the ‘Two Sides’ retain their friendship?


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