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Tyger has been nine years in the writing.  It is an epic story of good and evil, set in a dystopian London of ghettos and oppression.  Living with his family in one of these ghettos is Adam, who one morning encounters the Tyger.  This meeting changes Adam’s life forever.  The Tyger is imbued with great mythical and legendary power, a spiritual animal that has existed across the ages and held great guiding light for all worlds.  However she is being persecuted by the forces that seek to perpetuate the despotic regime.  At the centre of this oppression is Sir Mortimer Maldehyde, who is determined to destroy the Tyger.

Adam and new friend (and resistance fighter) Zadie are thrust into a struggle to save the Tyger and deliver London from the evil powers of Maldehyde.  Tyger is a novel of huge scope and resonance.  An absolute triumph.

British Book Award winner


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S F Said, illustrations by Dave McKean

(David Fickling Books)

Tyger is set in London, in an alternate history where The British Empire still exists.  It seems the country is controlled by a despotic out of control government that routinely oppresses immigrant communities, who are herded to live in squalid ghettos.  At the centre of the story is Adam, whose family lives in one of the ghettos in Soho. Furthermore, his family struggle to make ends meet.  What’s more, London is a turbulent, threatening place to live and Adam has to watch out for his family.
One morning, Adam discovers a mysterious, mythical animal in the most unlikely place.  It seems this tiger has great spiritual power and has lived for many generations.  However, Tyger is also a fugitive and being hunted by the security forces.  Moreover, extreme, exaggerated stories are propagated about the animal in an effort to demonise her.  However, Adam’s encounter with the animal changes him irrevocably and it thrusts him into a incredible adventure.  Alongside new found friend Zadi, Adam is thrown into conflict with the fearsome Sir Mortimer Maldehyde, who is determined to destroy the Tyger.
S F Said’s new novel is, is the author’s own view, his best yet.  It is packed full of ideas and themes and is a truly absorbing read.  Bookwagon cannot but agree with the author’s own assessment of this beguiling and thrilling novel.
S. F. Said talks about Tyger in this short YouTube clip.  Bookwagon is proud to stock all of SF’s novels for children, including the much acclaimed Varjak Paw.

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  1. Paula Hale

    A 5 star read from the brilliant S. F. Said. Everything written by this author is outstanding, he just gets better and better. Illustration by David McKean enhance the story.

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