Clara sees the ‘Umbrella‘ lying battered and alone in the park. Carefully, she returns it to the bench. When she is startled by its utterance of thanks, it suggests, ‘Anything is possible.’ Clara looks inside…

Somebody to play with for Clara? Apple picking from a boyhood trees for Mr Roberts? ‘Anything is possible,’ we are reminded. Just look inside the umbrella! What will distract the Moodie boys from their tantrums? Is it all happy endings with the ‘Umbrella’? Does he grant anyone their heart’s desire?

What a rich and beautiful story. Shadows within a limited palette are suggestive and glorious. Swirling shapes, white framing and black outlines enhance the storytelling. ‘Umbrella’ is recommended for bedtime stories, PHSE and philosophy. We are proud to recommend this wonderful book.



Elena Arevalo Melville

(Scallywag Press)- hardback

Clara comes to the park in the hope of playing. Yet she is alone. She places a battered ‘Umbrella’ on a bench. It thanks her. She is incredulous. ‘Umbrella’ speaks? ‘Umbrella’ tells Clara ‘Anything is possible.’ What can it mean? Could it be friends? Memories? Magic? A distraction from anger?

‘Umbrella’ is endorsed by Amnesty International’


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