Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Not One Tiny Bit Lovey-Dovey Moon Adventure


Love is strange (or so I’ve heard.) It plays havoc with Bill the Badger, so that he forgets everything he knows, from his Best Friend in the World Uncle Shawn, to his desire to go to the moon. His condition isn’t helped by the Speshul Powder that Miranda, the deceitful object of his affections, insists on feeding him. While Bill is oblivious, havoc is unleashed. 

From the mouth of Mr Hubb the whale emerges (spoiler alert) Sylvester Pearlyclaws intent on revenge on Uncle Shawn. He is going to set up a jewellery business that uses llama’s noses. He won’t be using Ginalollobrigida’s nose, for she has a worrying spot. However, the other llamas are unaware. Uncle Shawn in on moon business, hoping the Ceremony of the Hats can return order to this landscape. Can Claude the spider alert them to the dangers about them? Will Bill realise that Essence of Meadow is wasted on Miranda! 

Every Uncle Shawn and Bill title is a fantastical, laugh-out-loud, stretch your imagination delight. We are delighted to bring the third adventure of this superb series to our readers. 


Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Not One Tiny Bit Lovey- Dovey Moon Adventure

A.L. Kennedy, illustrated by Gemma Correll

(Walker Books)– hardback

Uncle Shawn and Bill and the llamas are enjoying another blissful day at the seaside full of sand, bickering and swimming lessons. Just as thoughts of evening cocoa spring to mind, Bill is distracted by a most perfect lady badger hand-feeding a seagull. Who is the elusive vision in pink frills. He forgets all about housework and his happy life with Uncle Shawn and the llamas. 
The moon is ill at ease in ‘Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Not One Tiny Bit Lovey-Dovey Moon Adventure’. The moon is the place of wishes and Sky wishes to become visible. Uncle Shawn can travel to the moon thanks to a giant dish. Moon travel was high on Bill’s ‘wish list’ but Miranda the badger has other, mean plans for ‘Bunnykins’. First there’s Speshul Cocoa, followed by the emergence of a horrible menace, vomited from the mouth of the whale to which he was banished in Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Pajimminy Crimminy Unusual Adventure
Can wishes come true? Will Uncle Shawn, Sky and Sam encourage the warring factions on the moon to make up? Is there enough air for the trio to return to Earth? Can Claude the Spider alert the llamas to the danger of ‘Mr Smith’ and Miranda the Badger? Will Ginalollobrigida Llama’s spot disappear? 
Bookwagon delights in this whimsical, hilarious, imaginative clever series that began with Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Almost Entirely Unplanned Adventure


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