Under the Canopy: Trees Around the World


Under The Canopy: Trees Around the World celebrates the tree for its significance to our world. Just think what a difference every tree can make to global communities and our environment. This is a glorious collection of stories of this difference seen by people and places around our planet. In fact, we see how trees have held their place on our planet for millions of years.

This beautifully illustrated book narrates their place, moving from the eucalyptus, to the Amazon rainforest.

Under The Canopy: Trees Around the World is an outstanding title book for readers of all ages.

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Under The Canopy: Trees Around the World

Iris Volant and Cynthia Alonso

(Flying Eye Books) 

Under the Canopy: Trees Around the World  is a marvellous celebration of trees. It aims to share their history and  significance to the world. What’s more, it considers their place in our environment and to the world’s peoples.
Thereafter,  each section tells the story of a different tree and its importance. Therefore, we move from the baobabs of Madagascar to the majestic yew tree of Norse mythology. We’re reminded of The Girl Who Talked to Trees.
What’s more, at at time when we are more concerned about our beautiful planet than ever, Under the Canopy: Trees Around the World is essential reading. Furthermore, we suggest that this book, so carefully researched and beatuifully presented, merits a wider readership. Not only is it ideal for sharing and learning from, but then it is wonderful to return to. We could use this as a reference to places about the world, to stories, mythology and histories. After all, Iris Volant is a creator for the wonderful Flying Eye Books. We’ve seen the depth of her work in titles including Ancient Warriors
Under the Canopy: Trees Around the World is one of best, and original non-fiction books to have been seen by Bookwagon. Therefore, we recommend it heartily. It merits a place for reading and sharing, in homes and classrooms.


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