Under the Love Umbrella


‘When friends won’t share/ An things aren’t fair‘ there’s always the love umbrella.

This beautiful rhyming picture book seeks to comfort when things don’t go right. Through illustrating children in possible situations, we’re able to compare and empathise. Further, Allison Colpoys’ pictures are 21st century fresh and instant, with neon colours on white or black backgrounds. Alongside the situations that Davina Bell suggests, we seek the knowledge of a love umbrella shape as imagined in the pictures.

It may be there when we’re ‘feeling shy‘ or ‘want to cry‘ or ‘when everything is strange and new‘. There is always hope and comfort and the shelter Under the Love Umbrella.

Bookwagon sought this title when it first emerged in Australia, where it was an award-winning sensation. Therefore, we’re delighted that it’s arrived aboard the wagon that we might share and recommend to you. It is an essential title for home sharing and including in school bookshelves too. Try it, read it, know it-  Under the Love Umbrella.


Under the Love Umbrella

Davina Bell, with illustrations by Allison Colpoys


Do you need to shelter Under the Love Umbrella? Maybe it’s ‘ in the deepest dark‘ or ‘when friends won’t share‘. Perhaps it’s when you’re feeling shy, or scared of new experiences. It could be a day ‘when you need super glue’ or have a ‘bad dream/ lost tooth/ smashed toy/ big worry‘… all of it disappears in a big old flurry/ Under the love umbrella.’
Davina Bell offers a glorious selection of situations and worries and draws us into the comfort of her words. They’re elaborated upon perfectly by the ingenuity of Allison Colpoys’ pictures. We seek out the umbrella shapes. Somehow, the neon palette she uses against the black and white backgrounds, is inclusive, fresh and encouraging. She was similarly empathetic in If all the world were…
This beautiful picture book is ideal for home and school, but deserves a wide readership.

Australian Book Designers’ Association Awards Best Designed Illustrated book; Winner Australian Book Industry  Award, Small Publishers’ Children’s Book of the Year; Winner Designer’s Choice Children’s/Young Adult Cover of the Year 


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