Unicorn Boy


Unicorn Boy tells the story of Brian Reyes.  His early years were unremarkable – nothing remotely unusual about this boy. Then he discovers a small bump on his head, which grows and grows into a full-blown, sparkling, shiny, singing unicorn horn! For a shy boy like Brian, drawing attention to himself in this way is the last thing he wants.  Concealing it with various hats proves useless as the horn grows too high.  However, Brian is about to discover that destiny does not wait for Unicorn Boy. When shadowy creatures from another realm kidnap his best friend Avery, Brian must reluctantly accept his fate.  Tentatively embracing his Unicorn Boy persona, and being supported by a talking muffin cake, he embarks a perilous journey to try and save the day! Can Unicorn Boy save his best friend from the Underworld?

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Unicorn Boy

Dave Roman


Brian Reyes’ early years were unremarkable.  He grows up in a normal, dull family. However, something starts to grow on the top of his head.  This is the earliest ramification of his destiny as Unicorn Boy.  Eventually, the lump grows into a full-blown horn.  Brian tries to ignore the horn and the taunting he receives.  Attempts to cover it up with hats fail.  Matters become even stranger when a muffin starts talking to him from his breast pocket .  Gradually, however, he believes that he really can soar through the air.  He also then grows a pink-purple mane.
His abilities are brought to bear when his best friend, Avery Henson, is sucked into a backyard vortex. Avery has always been  Brian’s protector, but now Brian must summon his courage to rescue his friend. He bravely follows into an underworld occupied by mythical characters and talking cats. Will Unicorn Boy be able to face off against the cruel, controlling Skull-King?
Brian’s legend is literally written in a magical book he carries as he delves deeper into his own story. The engaging story zigzags between characters and mini-challenges, providing thrills even as Brian and Avery’s fate seems dire. The devoted friendship, alongside the thoroughly oddball plot lines in the story provide quirky and enjoyable storytelling.


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