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Did you know that the world’s biggest tongue belongs to the blue whale? Or that the snub-nosed monkey’s nostrils point upwards, and when it rains it makes them sneeze? From paws to claws, tongues, teeth, tails and more, compare the biggest and the smallest animals (and all the others in between) in this brilliant and superbly illustrated exploration of the animal kingdom and their features.

Alongside stunning art work and excellent descriptions by Isabel Thomas, are amazing close-up pages.  Here, readers can take a life-size look at a particular feature of two very different animals. For example, you can see the mighty elephant’s trunk (it can grow as long as a bathtub!) and compare it to the tiny, but sensitive snout of an elephant shrew. Further examples of comparison available include studying the bristly tongue of a penguin and see how it differs from the stretchy, long tongue of a salamander.  There are huge opportunities throughout this book for enquiry, comparison and zoological investigation.

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Up Close

A Life-Size Look at the Animal Kingdom

Isabel Thomas, illustrated by Dawn Cooper

(Wren & Rook/Hachette) – hardback

Up Close is a unique and quite superb close-up examination of the animal world.  In particular, author Isabel Thomas focuses on some of the remarkable features that make animals so special. For example, did you know that a giraffe, known mainly for its enormous neck, actually has a tail that is longer than the average human?  Furthermore, we learn that a rodent’s front teeth never stop growing, which means that they gnaw on anything and everything!
Readers are taken on a journey, examining paws and claws, eyes and ears, fur and hair and many other unique animal characteristics.  Interspersed with the wonderful text by Thomas and vivid illustrations by Dawn Cooper, are ‘close up’ double-page spreads.  These drill down into comparisons of animal and bird features.  Compare and contrast the tongues of a macaroni penguin and a salamander for example.  The life size drawing of a harpy eagle’s claw is quite staggering (and worrying, should you ever get on the wrong side of one!).
Find out more about the author Isabel Thomas at her web site.  Bookwagon is proud to stock other books by the author, including Moth and Fox.



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