Utterly Dark and the Tides of Time


Who is Lord Langdale? It seems that Aish, and then Egg, recognise the red-gold glint in his eyes. What’s more, he’s familiar in some way to Utterly. It seems he recognises her too, although it’s not her he’s interested in precisely, but the fact that she might lead him to her sea mother, the Gorm.

Then again, Utterly knows that it’s time to fulfil the promise she made her mother  to return to her. Despite her love of her Wildsea family, Utterly understands that to break this promise will bring harsh and terrible punishment to them. Thereafter, she and her mother seem to exist in some undersea time warp, until Utterly ignores her mother’s warnings and follows a bright, sharp light…

Meanwhile, Lord Langdale’s craft has punctured the seas around Wildsea Island and arrived at Marazea Bay, from where it will travel out to the Hidden Lands over which Will Dark is the Watcher. Will’s hand is forced to join the crew. Then again, it’s Egg, as ever, Utterly and Aish’s loyal friend, who determines that this expedition is a chance to rescue and return Utterly to where she’s meant to be. However, his journey, like Will’s and then Utterly’s will transcend time, consciousness and scientific understanding.

Bookwagon is engrossed by this series. Utterly Dark and the Tides of Time is outstanding, quite the finest writing, full of possibilities, grace, eloquence and magnificence. What’s more, although this is the third book of the series, each can be read independently so satisfyingly. However Bookwagon recommends every book, including this welcome addition, Utterly Dark and the Tides of Time. 

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Utterly Dark and the Tides of Time

Philip Reeve

(David Fickling Books)

Utterly’s aware of her promise to her sea mother, the Gorm, that she must leave the Darks and live with her. Despite her sadness, she knows that to break this, will mean trouble for Uncle Will, Aish, Egg and Mrs and Mrs Skraevling. Although time moves strangely in the waters with the Gorm, it seems that Utterly’s absence is missed keenly. However, when Lord Langdale commissions a sloop to travel out to the Hidden Lands, his actions are suspicious. Despite this, Will Dark is co-opted into joining the search. Then again, once more, as in Utterly Dark and the Heart of the Wild, Egg is prepared to go to the rescue.
It’s he, who realises that Lord Langdale is not who he claims he is. Then again, Aish, too, recognises this man as a similar old soul to her. Then again, what of Utterly’s fortunes? Although her Gorm mother is able to conjure up any form, any wonder in the ocean, yet, it seems that there’s one area that she will not break. However, what if events become so difficult for her daughter, that the Gorm has no choice?
Philip Reeve enraptures us with a story of fruit cake, pink bubble bath, WWII forts and terrifying time travellers. We are in thrall to the world of Wildsea Island and the fortunes and histories of its inhabitants. Thereafter, readers are transfixed and captivated by Utterly Dark and the Tides of Time. 


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