Varjak Paw


Varjak Paw‘ is a pure-bred Mesopotamian Blue Cat, living comfortably with his family in a big house on a hill. Yet he never ventures to the great Outside, there is tension within the family and there are strange happenings in the house. Who is the mysterious Gentleman?

When Varjak learns about the Way, a secret martial art for cats, and of his family’s proud history, from his grandfather, he prepares for a mission. Varjak sets out to help his family by braving the fearsome Outside, using his newly-learned skills along the way.

We recommend ‘Varjak Paw‘ to readers aged from 8 or 9 years of age. They will be entering a world of enchantment, mystery, danger and wonder.


Varjak Paw

S. F. Said, illustrations by Dave McKean


Varjak Paw, a descendant of a proud family of pure-bred Mesopotamian Blue cats, uses his newly learned skills in the Way, a martial art for cats, to solve the mystery of the Vanishings.

Varjak Paw‘ is a pacy and exciting adventure, enchanting in the way it fuses the worlds of the cat and the scary human city.  This wonderful story has become something of a modern children’s classic and it certainly deserves to be regarded as such.  An excellent read for readers aged from 8 or 9 years of age, to confident older readers.


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