Vi Spy: Licence to Chill


Although Vi (Valentine) Day knows her mother was a spy once, retaining spy instincts, she was not aware of a spy school. Nor was she aware that she is eligible to attend. While her grandmother, Indy, is in full support, Vi’s Mum Easter  (Susan), forbids Vi’s application.

Rather like her ban on mobile phones, or careful ‘put-pocketing’, Vi is undeterred and determines she will discover a mission, such as required for her admission to Rimmington Hall.

It only takes her mother’s marriage to George Sprout, Vi’s teacher and Russell’s father, for a mission to appear. While security about the venue seems watertight, there is something about the registrar that is rather amiss. When he rolls back his mask to reveal… everything unravels dangerously, including Vi’s mother’s safety and then her future happiness. Worst of all is the reappearance of global criminal mastermind Umbra, intent on revenge upon Easter (Susan). Thereafter, Umbra intends to take over the world through an ingenious mind control potion. First she has to lay her hands upon it….

After the phenomenal Who Let the Gods Out? series, Maz Evans returns with a whole new focus and a brand new heroine. Welcome to Vi Spy: Licence to Chill!

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Vi Spy: Licence to Chill

Maz Evans

(Chicken House)

Valentine (Vi) Day has always been aware that her mother Susan (Easter) was a spy. It’s obvious through her history of quick reactions, usually to seemingly protect Vi, or vanquish a perceived threat. Yet George Sprout, Susan’s new beau, and Vi’s teacher, seems oblivious. What of Russell, his son? And then, what of Vi’s long lost father, arch villain, Robert Ford? He couldn’t possibly return to life after he vanished during Susan’s final job, the one where she fed the ultra villain Umbra to a piranha tank? Or could he?
Maz Evans returns, fresh from the superb Who Let the Gods Out? series, with a new uproarious, lethal title. While Vi longs for a mobile phone and the sort of social life she sees her peers enjoy, she’s lumbered with Russell, whose sole focus seems to be upon robot wars. He’s the butt of endless jokes in school in which Vi does little to intervene.
It seems that Vi has more important things on her mind, not least realising her true potential to win a place in prestigious spy school. After all, she’s the daughter of a spy, and then a granddaughter too! Could it be that the return to Robert Ford, a put-pocketed phone and then the rise of Umbra might be the case that unlocks Vi’s potential. Could this be Vi Spy: Licence to Chill?
It seems that Vi has her work cut out. She’s few friends, a mother with eyes in the back of her head and spy defences. Then there’s her newly recovered father, who is an enigma. What is it all about? Furthermore, what does Nan’s mobility scooter have that a spy needs? Then again, is Russell really such a nerd?
Vi Spy: Licence to Chill is a laugh a minute, jet propelled pun attacking riot.


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