Vi Spy: The Girl With the Golden Gran


Vi Spy: The Girl With the Golden Gran brings a thrilling, laugh-out-loud spy trilogy to a close. After Vi’s family learn that Umbra, aka Honey B, has double- crossed them, they’re determined to foil her plot. Yet Umbra’s headed to space aboard her Spinneret, heading to ‘NIDUS, the space station with an antenna, that, combined with- Neurotrol, [will] create the universe’s first and only mind- control machine’. 

Although Vi’s family are crucial parts of the SPIDER network, her father and stepfather are at loggerheads. Then Gran’s news sets Vi and Easter back further. However Vi’s gran is an inspiration, and determined that she can work with her daughter and granddaughter. Yet, does it mean that they, and the Sprouts, and Vi’s father, must cram together aboard Rod’s Moonbreaker? Is this shuttle even ready for space? Then again, how on earth can they reach Umbra, overwhelm her, and set a course without  encountering alien moon life, potentially? What’s more, what about air locks and oxygen supplies and then Umbra’s obvious forward planning and lack of restraint? It seems everything is working against them!

However readers know that Vi’s family is made of strong stuff. What’s more, her mother is a forcefield of rage since learning of her best friend’s deception. Might this be enough to fuel a rocket to reach Umbra? Then again, what about ground control? Is it possible that Agent Wolf’s command might be doubted?

Vi Spy: The Girl With the Golden Gun is a heart in mouth, rip-roaringly funny, inventive, fast-paced adventure that concludes this wonderful trilogy very satisfyingly. Bookwagon loves this title, and recommends the series to readers who relish soaring spy adventures!

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Vi Spy: The Girl With the Golden Gran

Maz Evans, with illustrations by Jez Tuya

(Chicken House)

It seems that Umbra’s infiltration of SPIDER, and her close connection with (Vi’s) Valentine Day’s family, have enabled her to succeed with her plan. ‘The world was hers. Total control over every adult mind on the planet. Power. Wealth. Victory. Revenge.
However Umbra has reckoned without Valentine Day’s family. It seems they’re determined to capture Umbra and overpower her Spinneret before she reaches NIDUS and sets to work with Neurotrol, the mind-control machine. This means that Valentine’s father and stepfather will have to work together, and that there will need to be consistent help from Agent Wolf and the SPIDER agents. Events from Vi Spy: Never Say Whatever Again, mean that Valentine’s mother, Easter, is raging. After all, she’s been betrayed by Umbra, or Honey B, her best friend and Vi’s godmother. It means that she’s ready for the ultimate showdown. However, none of the group realise that this will mean launching into space aboard Rod’s Moonbreaker. What’s more, could this be a final mission for Vi’s grandmother, Independence Day?
Maz Evans concludes her pacy, witty, imaginative and inspiring trilogy with Vi Spy: The Girl With a Golden Gran. Alongside aliens, family tensions, battles for power and episodes of courage and initiative, we’re party to such a stirring story. What’s more, Valentine, The Girl With a Golden Gran, realises fully how ‘a spy’s greatest weapon is their mind’.


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