Victoria Stitch Bad and Glittering


Although Celestine and Victoria Stitch are very different, they have each other only, twin sisters, denied their birthright as heirs to the throne of Queen Cassiopeia. The diamond crystal from which these wisklings were born bore a dark, violet flaw that Lord Astrophel decreed an impurity. Thereafter the sisters were raised by nannies in Wiskling Wood, watched over the palace officials. Yet Victoria Stitch’s anger at Lord Astrophel’s decision burns…

By the time the girls are old enough to choose their future careers, Victoria Stitch wears a crown and declares herself a princess. Yet Celestine seeks a role in a jewellery house where she might create the designs which delight her and her friends. Celestine’s friends threaten Victoria Stitch. Therefore when she alights upon someone who seems to want to befriend her, who supports Victoria Stitch’s desire to reclaim her birthright, she is captivated. What’s more Ursuline, who demands she is kept secret, unlocks spells, wonders, intrigue and possibilities to Victoria Stitch, alongside the hidden Book of Wiskling. 

How far will Victoria Stitch Bad and Glittering go to claim her right to the throne of Wiskling Wood? Thereafter, what of Celestine? What of their relationship?

Victoria Stitch Bad and Glittering is a thrilling, intricate and satisfyingly woven modern bad girl/ good girl fairy tale. We are delighted to recommend this story to our customers.

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Victoria Stitch Bad and Glittering

Harriet Muncaster

(Oxford University Press)

Although her actions may leave her with the reputation as Victoria Stitch Bad and Glittering, it’s not the truth. While Victoria Stitch and her twin Celestine are denied from being princesses despite being born from a diamond, that diamond formed with an impurity. Therefore, Lord Astrophel declared their right to rule invalid. It meant that the pair were destined to a life together, with nannies rather than a family, watched over by guardians in the Wiskling Wood.
However, Victoria Stitch burns with a desire to rule. It seems to impede all her planning and relationships, even with Celestine. Thereafter when it seems she’s met someone who can enable her be seen as a princess and the rightful heir to Queen Cassiopeia, she is quick to build upon the friendship and learn everything she might. That seems to involve practising the spells hidden within the secret Book of Wiskling.
Yet, how strong is Victoria Stitch’s desire to rule? Furthermore, what if her friend, Ursuline seems to want the power herself? Thereafter, what about Celestine? While she says she wants nothing to do with the throne, she has dreams of her own. One of them is to nurture the bond she and Victoria Stitch shared once, which appears fractured by Victoria’s focus and this mysterious friend.
Victoria Stitch Bad and Glittering is a really readable, engrossing, believable fairy story for middle grade readers.


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