Vile Virginia and the Curse that Got Worse


Could Vile Virginia have met her match? When angelic Julian arrives at her home, mysteriously, she’s nonplussed. Thereafter, when he’s fairy cakes and declared quite wonderful by her mother, she’s furious. However, when he’s to share her bedroom and drums during her favourite television show, Virginia determines enough is enough. It seems she has a plan. Julian must go!

Might a waft of red balloons prove the best method? Or even a tumbling visit to the zoo? Then again, might Virginia be forced into preparing a desperate and deadly potion? However is Julian her equal…. or more? Might this all end in a (bunny) trembling  conclusion?

Alongside Issy Emeney’s joyous, vigorous rhyming, we’ve Chris Mould hilariously descriptive illustrations. Altogether, Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome Vile Virginia and the Curse that Got Worse aboard. What’s more we recommend this picture book for reading aloud, lingering over, quoting and knowing well. What a gem!

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Vile Virginia and the Curse that Got Worse

Issy Emeney and Chris Mould

(Simon & Schuster)

Virginia’s ‘a tyrant, a bully and a brat’. Not only is she ‘rude to sweet old ladies’ but torrents ‘next door’s cat‘. Then again, she steals, is lazy, mean and throws ‘the biggest tantrums the world has ever seen‘. It means that nobody wants to know her. However, what about Julian?
It seems this ‘little boy with big blue eyes and curly, golden hair’ arrives entirely mysteriously. Then again, he seems to enchant Virginia’s mother, who calls him a ‘little angel’. However Virginia’s not happy. After all, not only is Julian directed to share her room, but has fairy cakes baked for him ahead of setting to his drum kit while she watches TV. Thereafter, Virginia’s determined that Julian MUST go. It seems she has a foolproof plan…
Vile Virginia and the Curse that Got Worse is a welcome addition to Twisted Tales for Devilish Darlings from Issy Emeney and Chris Mould. It follows Billy Brute Whose Teacher Was a Werewolf, which delights Bookwagon readers.
It feels as though we’re holding our breaths as we trace Virginia’s crafty, cruel plans. However, might she have met her match? In fact, could Julian have something rather bunny-brutish in store for this horrible girl? Alongside Issy Emeney’s outstanding rhyming story, we’ve gloriously, elongated, grotesque and riveting pictures from Chris Mould. Altogether it means that Vile Virginia and the Curse that Got Worse is a treat. Not only is it a treat to read aloud, but it’s a joy to read again and again, recite and linger over. Bookwagon loves and recommends this splendid picture book.


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