Violet and the Pearl of the Orient

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Violet lives in a flat with a large communal garden. She plays amongst the midders (aged between 7- 11) and visits Dee Dee Derota, former Hollywood actress. When new neighbours arrive, Violet and her best friend Rose, invite Isabella, the daughter of the family to join their play. However, she and her parents appear standoffish and untrustworthy.

When Dee Dee’s precious jewel, the Pearl of the Orient goes missing, Violet is keen to sniff out the culprit. With hapless P.C. Green on the case and protocol to follow, Violet is thwarted at every turn. Will her climbing skills and careful mapping help her in ‘Violet and the Pearl of the Orient‘?

What a fulfilling mystery series opener this proves to be! Bookwagon looks forward to introducing more titles in the collection to its readers.

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Violet and the Pearl of the Orient

Harriet Whitehorn, illustrated by Becka Moor

(Simon & Schuster)

Violet is a midder. She plays with the other midders (children aged between 7- 11) in the communal gardens behind their homes. She and best friend Rose visit Dee Dee Derota, who was once a Hollywood actress. Violet is thrown into a mystery concerning Dee Dee Derota’s precious possession, when suspicious new neighbours arrive, in ‘Violet and the Pearl of the Orient’. 


1 review for Violet and the Pearl of the Orient

  1. Emilia – 7 almost 8

    I liked this book because it was a mystery and Violet was very good at spying. I hope to read more Violet mysteries as they are fun. Thanks Bookwagon for introducing me to Harriet Whitehorn

    • admin

      So happy you enjoy Violet! We think Harriet Whitehorn is great! Happy reading.

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