Waiting for Froggo


Mouse is curious. What is Rabbit up to? His response that he’s Waiting for Froggo draws more questions. Who is Froggo? Is he tall, hairy, famous, even? Rabbit is just waiting. What’s more, he’s keen to avoid distractions for he wants to be fully in tune to meeting his expected arrival. Therefore, Mouse’s suggestion of a game is declined.

It seems that as others join in, curious about Froggo and sensing something that’s worth being part of, Rabbit remains stalwart in his concentration. That is the status as the queue builds and builds and includes ticket sellers!

However, what if Froggo doesn’t turn up? Rabbit is distraught. After all, he’s put all his effort into waiting. Therefore, could a bounce on a bouncy castle help Rabbit? Then again, what if Rabbit is enjoying himself so much that….

Bookwagon loves the personalities, conversations that you can hear, purpose and anxiety that you know, alongside the familiar arrival of characters who sense an exciting opportunity. The asides are hilarious. Waiting for Froggo is a joy, a wonderful nod to a classic story, so clever and entertaining. We recommend this picture book so highly to all our readers.

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Waiting for Froggo

Alice Courtley


How can you describe Froggos? Might they be tall or hairy, smelly or invisible? Or even famous? Mouse is curious. It seems he’s inclined to stay with Rabbit who’s focused upon Waiting for Froggo. What’s more, such concentration cannot be interrupted by games or distractions. Then again, might this wait prove intriguing to others? What about llama, orang-utan, peacock and even weasel whose tickets for others to join in.
Rabbit can’t contemplate Froggo’s non-arrival. After all, ‘he has to come!/ Otherwise/ all [this] waiting/ would be… for nothing.’ Furthermore, could Rabbit’s anxious wait be helped by a ‘bouncy castle’, something that might prove distracting after all? Could it prove that his enjoyment might mean he misses… Moreover, what is this wait all about? Could there be a spectacular announcement?
Alice Courtley, whom we know from titles including Home is Where My Heart Is, for example, offers such an assured, captivating, diverting and intelligent picture book. It’s nod to Samuel Beckett‘s classic work is inspired! In conclusion, Waiting for Froggo is glorious, beautifully illustrated, paced and with asides that offer a wealth of storytelling joy. We love this picture book and recommend it highly to all our readers.


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