Waiting for Goliath


Bear is ‘Waiting for Goliath‘. He tells Robin about how strong his friend is and how clever too. Bear sleeps at the bus stop as night falls. The seasons change, but still Bear waits for Goliath. Although Robin doubts that Goliath will ever appear, Bear does not lose faith. Buses stop and unload passengers at the bus stop where Bear waits, but none of the passengers is Goliath. Where is Goliath? Who is Goliath? How long will Bear wait?

‘Waiting for Goliath‘ is a collage construction. It is Spring when Bear begins his wait. We see the blossom fall from the tree. New leaves appear. Goliath waits. At nighttime Bear ‘dreams and waits for Goliath‘. The robins twitter when buses draw up through the autumn, but Goliath is not arrived still. Bear is resolute however, through snow, the departure of birds for the winter for he is ‘Waiting for Goliath.’

This is an exceptional, wise, warm and enchanting picture book that emphasises the faith and joy in friendship. What a pleasure to recommend ‘Waiting for Goliath‘ to our readers.


Waiting for Goliath

Antje Damm

(Gecko Press)

‘Waiting for Goliath’ demands patience. However Bear has patience in bucketloads. Goliath is Bear’s best friend. Bear tells everyone about Goliath for he is so delighted at the thought of his friend’s visit. ‘Bear has been sitting and waiting since dawn’. Goliath tells Robin about Goliath’s strength and intelligence. Why he can count to eighteen!
Time passes.  When night falls, Bear sleeps at the bus stop dreaming of Goliath. Robin doubts that Goliath will arrive at all, for more time passes and there is little sign of Bear’s friend. However, Bear does not lose faith.
Will Goliath appear? Who is Goliath?
Bookwagon loves Antje Damm’s The Visitor. Like that celebrated title, ‘Waiting for Goliath’ shows the passage of time and is emotionally symbolic in its construction. Like ‘The Visitor‘, ‘Waiting for Goliath‘ is constructed in collage with rich colours, gentle characterisation and anecdotal settings.
What a truly beautiful, empathetic and values’ rich picture book that shows the meaning of patience, friendship and faith.


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