Waiting for Murder


The village in which Dan stays with his mother while she works on an archaeological dig, seems lifeless. Then the summer is oppressive, with heat compared to the legendary summer of 1976. It seems that in that year the village was associated with a huge robbery in which the getaway car disappeared. Furthermore, a local family was linked to the theft.

As the heat dries up the reservoir, a car appears. It seems to be the missing car from 1976. It fascinates Dan, especially as the shape he sees when the car is first recovered appears to vanish. What’s more Dan has the only, yet indistinct, evidence of something being enclosed within the car. As Dan’s fascination grows, he collaborates with Flo, granddaughter of the local pub landlord, on researching the story and then the evidence about the car. However, Dan and Flo are warned off, both by local adults and sceptical police, and then by increasingly dangerous threats….

Who or where is the missing family member? What was in the car? Who is trying to put Dan off the case? Waiting for Murder builds up the tension, heat and the interest, compulsively and authentically. Fleur Hitchcock’s crime titles are thoroughly engaging and readable, with such brilliantly realised settlings, plots and characters. Bookwagon is delighted to add Waiting for Murder to the Fleur Hitchcock bookshelf!

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Waiting for Murder

Fleur Hitchcock

(Nosy Crow)

Dan’s accompanied his Mum on a summer archaeological dig near the Sandford reservoir. A car that emerges from the hot summer water seems to have something to do with a 1976 theft and missing person. Like that summer, this summer is steaming hot. There seems little to do in the village, but Dan befriends Flo, whose grandfather runs the local pub. Like Flo, Dan becomes curious in the recovery of the blue Ford car, especially as it seems to have something inside it when it’s removed from the water. Yet when it’s checked over, it is empty.
Dan’s and Flo’s attention on the forgotten case grows. It seems the family concerned are a mystery. What’s more they’ve evidence that the car has been tampered with. Yet the pair are warned off, both by those who lived in the area at the time, and then by a series of threats.  Who is trying to harm them? Furthermore, where is the missing family member associated with the robbery? As the danger grows, their determination to realise the truth grows too. Yet how much of a risk will they take? Could it be that they are Waiting for Murder to cease their search?
Fleur Hitchcock’s crime novels are direct, resolute and thoroughly gripping. It seems she creates the setting and drama so realistically that we are involved. Murder at Twilight and Murder in Midwinter and others enthral Bookwagon readers. Therefore, we are delighted to welcome Waiting for Murder. 


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