‘Walker‘ learns he can communicate with dogs when he undertakes his first position as dog walker for Stella. What she tells him, and what he learns from the other dogs in town, is worrying. There’s a dastardly plot to oust Miss Little from her house. Stella lives with Miss Little. She knows all about Arlington Wherwithal’s lies and bullying. Yet, what can one dog do? Furthermore, Arlington Wherewithal is protected by two fierce guard dogs, and Oslo Scowls, a nasty gamekeeper. That human won’t let anyone near his lodgings!

Walker is determined to investigate. Can he use his special powers of communication when he takes on a dog walking role with Arlington Wherewithal’s dogs? What will he find when he dares to follow a putrid smell lurking around Oslo Scowls’ premises?

‘Walker’ is a pacy, intriguing and engaging story. The main character is active and resourceful, while the plot is positive and, somehow, believable. I am pleased to introduce this book aboard the wagon. It is a recommended choice for those readers who are looking for a step on from early chapter books.



The boy who can talk to dogs

Shoo Rayner

(Firefly Press)

‘Walker’ longs for a dog. While his Mum has allergies, Walker’s father is devoted to their tabby cat. What can Walker  do? Walker seeks out dogs everywhere he goes. The fiercest dog is calm at his approach. What is Walker’s magic?   ‘Walker’ offers his services as a dog walker. On the job, he learns he can communicate in dog! What will he learn? Stella and the other dogs have a lot to share. It’s not good news…


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