Ned enjoys his life with a great family, a brilliant secret hide-out and Bill, his best friend.  However, Bill returns from the summer holidays with new friends, and his Mum and Dad build a wall right down the middle of his home!  Worst still, he cannot shake off people he would rather not have near him.  Ned’s temper builds until he loses it completely….and something amazing happens!  Can Ned use his new super-power to bring his old life back?
‘Walls‘ is a great fun adventure, very funny and with a lead character quite unlike any you’d find elsewhere. He’s very disagreeable, bombastic and a thorough pain. Yet, he’s also vulnerable…and utterly hilarious.

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Emma Fischel

(Oxford University Press)

Ned Harrison Arkle-Smith’s happy life is about to get seriously out of kilter when newly-built ‘Walls‘ start appearing in his house. Then his best friend makes new friends while Ned can’t shake off  people he would rather not know.  As things go from bad to worse, Ned loses his temper badly and something quite amazing happens…
’Walls’ is an hilarious story with a lead character who is boorish, bumptious and irritable, yet also vulnerable and very funny.


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